Our Philosophy

Experimenting with different materials, fabrics and artistic techniques, Adrian started what is now TRACK13 as an art project. In 2014, he moved to Paris to pursue art painting, but felt unsatisfied leaving only visual comments.  
Eventually, Adrian switched from canvas to clothing and cultivates TRACK13 as a platform to reflect on modern socio-economics and personal stories on long-lasting, consciously made, limited edition garments.
New luxury.
„Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.“
We truly believe that everyone has the power to contribute to a better world, because there is a chain behind everything you buy. Every time you decide to buy something you are not only buying an object but hundreds of hours, ambitions, good moments, blood sweat and tears. You are buying a piece of soul and a piece of someone else’s life. Therefore you own a piece of TRACK13’s story.
This is why we share our expertise from all our learnings and started TRACK13 Merch Lab to help creatives, collectives and younger brands. This is why we work with local institutions like Noveos providing perspectives for people with mental health problems. This is why every customer receives a personal, handwritten note with every order.
„Quality over quantity.“
TRACK13 was born from the desire to rediscover the beauty of handmade products, to recover craftsmanship and manual skills, and ultimately to redefine the person wearing a piece of clothing. When developing a new piece, Adrian balances a variety of artistic techniques with streetwear elements and individually customises each item in our Atelier.
The products we create fill our life with purpose and the same applies to our partners in the supply chain. From manufacturers abroad to regional sewers to our customers. We believe brands are supposed to create communities and empower individuals. Fair wages, safe workplaces, respect, no harmful chemicals, and environmental conscious use of resources are minimum requirements to achieve this transparency goal.
„Buy quality. Wear longer.“
As we developed a deeper understanding of the fashion industry, we recognised that even so-called luxury brands are slowly becoming fast fashion with all its flaws – making fashion one of the main reasons for climate change and pollution. At TRACK13 we put sustainable, long-term thinking at the core of our business.
Trusted certificates are important when working with manufacturers abroad, where control and transparency are difficult. We solely use organic cotton – meaning naturally grown without genetically modified seeds, artificial fertilisers, or chemical pesticides – or non-pollutive alternatives to encourage biodiversity and by doing so contribute to the mission of reversing climate change. At the same time, our philosophy is to tackle every problem by its roots. We truly believe that the best way to be sustainable is to design products that last – physically and style-wise.
TRACK13 pieces are designed to become your favourite. That is why we focus on quality and timeless aesthetics to create products that continue to get better with age, creating their own standard of sustainability. 
At TRACK13, each development is analysed carefully to ensure that it reflects our values and personal long-term vision. Packaging is required to ship products safely, but too often luxurious packaging only consists of short-lived frippery justifying a higher price.
We made it our mission to develop a concept that adds to luxurious pleasure when receiving your TRACK13 order. At the same time, our packaging is fully recycled, the shipping is CO2 neutral and its minimalistic design eliminates every aspect without raison d'être.
Bottle opener: reprocessed aluminium
Cable ties: recovered ocean plastic
Packaging boxes: recycled cardboard
Paper tags: FSC® certified
„Powered by vision.“
When working at a tech-fashion startup in 2018, Adrian was surprised to learn about the innovation-potential in fashion. Unfortunately, a lot of them never find their way into the shelves of big retailers. At TRACK13, we have always been intrigued by the development of futuristic materials and state-of-the-art processes. 
That is why we persistently do our research to adapt and deliver more sophistication with each new piece. It is our goal to make innovation experienceable. We currently use fabrics made of bamboo, linen, hemp, Tencel™, Modal™, and cotton. We use recycled and upcycled polyamide (mostly Q-Nova®) and elastane (e.g Lycra™).
This is our idea of New Luxury. We believe that making a contribution matters and so do the people you will find wearing TRACK13. Not because they think they somehow have to. Because they want to.
TRACK13, December 2020